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Revamp of Eklipse Interactive

Well we finally had some time to make a lot of the changes we have been envisioning for our own site for a long time.


Our original site was a bit dated and didn't do some of the things we wanted but we didn't have time to change it.  We finally decided to make it a priority and added it as an active project to our to do list.  It's still in heavy development but the public face of the site is pretty much ready so here it is.


Some of the changes we made were to finally add a blog so that we could post some of out thoughts and musings as well as make more information available on a consistent basis.  Before we used an article system but we didn't update it as much as we would like.  Now we have the blog system in place so we can make more and shorter postings.


Also our portfolio was more than a bit bland.  We decided to put a slideshow in place to spruce things up a bit and included a link to a newly formated  panel page for projects which allows us to highlight some of the features incorporated into projects.  Unfortunately we still only have a limited number of projects we have permission to include in our portfolio.  As an aside we're seriously considering the signing of NDA's in the future because some of the work we are most proud of can't be included which is a real bummer.


On the back end we are implementing a project management solution to make team work a bit easier.  This would not only allow our developers to share and keep track of project development but also allow admins the ability to track billable time and organize our invoices.  The upside for our clients is that now they will be able track progress on their project on an ongoing basis.  Also if there is an issue after launch they can put in trouble tickets that will alert the developer of the issue via text message even if they are not online.  We feel this system will help streamline our after care.


More to come........