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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process by which a site is manipulated to increase it's likelihood of ranking highly in search engines for chosen words or phrases.


We tend to take a business needs stategy in our approach towards optimizing a site versus an ego centered one.  What do we mean when we say this?  Most people have an idea that ranking #1 in google for their pet term is the ultimate goal of optimizing a site.  Our view is that the goal of optimizing a site is to increase sales and or conversions.

With this in mind we research the subject area and competition of the site to be optimized and determine the terms that should be targeted to meet that goal.  We then lay out a plan of action for the modifications to be made to the site as well as the off-site work to be done.


To request a site evaluation and a quote for our services please contact us.