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Drupal Development



Drupal started out as a extensible CMS, Content Management System, but over the years has developed into a robust development platform with an active and vocal community of developers behind it. With drupal solutions ranging from personal blogs to corporate portals and everything in between can be built and implemented. One thing you may not know is that some very high profile sites are built on the drupal framework. One of the most readily recognizable names is Whitehouse.gov . But drupal can be fun too. For example MTV UK is a drupal site as well as the Weight Watchers site Wiki Weight Watchers, a social networking site.


So why do we like drupal? Let's hit some of the high points.


1) Drupal is Open Source. This means a couple of things. First off there are no licensing fees! This allows us to keep the cost of the end product down. Next it means that there isn't a small team of people behind it. There is instead a large community of developers working at making sure it is up to snuff. Also it means that the code behind it is freely available and can be modified at will.

2) It is secure. Having a community of developers behind it means that it's security is constantly being scrutinized.

3) We don't have to reinvent the wheel. At it's core is basic functionality that needs to be found in every website.

4) It's extensible through any of the community submitted modules or by custom modules.

5) It is scalable. It can handle a couple of hits a day to millions without choking.


So what does that mean? It means we're able to produce cutting edge web sites within reasonable time frames that not only look good but are able to meet your business goals.